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How to choose children’s Jewelry

Children’s jewelry products have been recalled frequently because of toxic chemicals detected, which has aroused wide concern of the government and consumers. So how to choose children’s accessories? Here are our suggestions.

1, does not irritate the skin

Children’s accessories must be chosen with great care, as all metal must be considered for the child’s skin. None of the following metals are suitable for children. Metals such as nickel, lead and cadmium must meet standards. Children have delicate skin, and this metal may cause skin irritation and rashes.

2. Round shape

Sharp edges and corners may scratch children, so be sure to choose rounded jewelry hairpins, especially rings and other single products, but also pay attention to whether there is a sharp edge

3. Avoid overly expensive jewelry

First of all, children are careless, if lost parents very distressed. Secondly, when going out, if it attracts the attention of some illegal elements, the safety of children will be threatened

4. Be careful of jewelry pendants with thick chains

The baby’s skin is very delicate, if the weave is thicker and harder is not suitable for the baby, it is easy to cause skin damage, especially the neck

5, bead bracelet necklace string should be strong

Some beautiful Disney necklace bracelet set has a lot of colors of string wear is very beautiful but we must pay attention to the string bead to be firm not easy to break, in case the string is broken beads may be spilled into the mouth of the baby, this is particularly dangerous, so the string must pay attention to check more

Children’s skin is more delicate, wearing necklaces, rings, hairpins may cause scratches, especially children love to contain things in the mouth, it is easy to produce danger. Tight jewelry is also detrimental to the growth and development of children’s bones and muscles.

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