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Children’s clothing color, accessories collocation

Children are not as well as adults know how to match, but to raise a beautiful baby should be the hope of all mothers.    In fact, children’s clothes is same as adult clothing, collocation is also catch up with the trend, in addition the clothing collocation, decoration collocation is also what we need to know.     Let’s introduce some of those

Color matching: Contrast color collocation is divided into

1: strong color collocation refers to two apart color matching, black and yellow is the most bright collocation, red and black collocation, very grand, but not lose the charm

2: complementary color coordination refers to the coordination of two relative colors, such as: red and green, green and orange, black and white, complementary color matching can form a sharp contrast, sometimes will receive better results.

Black and white is always a classic

Coordination color collocation, which can be divided into: 1, similar color collocation refers to two different shades, light and shade of the same kind of color matching, such as: green with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with beige, dark red with light red, similar color matching clothing is soft and elegant.

2.    Approximate color matching: refers to the matching of two relatively close colors, such as red and orange red or purple red, yellow and grass green or orange yellow, etc

Children’s clothes generally have simple and complex styles.    How to match them is very important.    There is no problem with simple clothes, but complex styles are different.    If you wear a floral top, for pants and skirt, you need a single color, we can take one of the colors from the cloth.    In this way, we can match the colors.   If you wear a fancy dress, the shoes must be simple, such as a simple hat.

Stylish ensembles also require good jewelry accessories for children.  Depending on child’s outfit, a nice braid with head bands or a nice hair clip can instantly become cute and fashionable.

When kids go to a party with beautiful jewelry and rings, they will get a lot of attention and become happy and confident

Shopping with the baby like this must be the center of attention on the street

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