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Amazon compliance requirements and testing standards for jewelry accessories

Children’s accessories are very popular on Amazon.    For consumers, the safety of children’s jewelry is the most important issue.    Especially the products directly in contact with the skin, if only focus on the new, strange, special products, the use of some non-compliant materials and processes, then the consequences are very serious.

Currently, many Amazon customers have reported that adult human accessories also need to submit test reports for compliance review.

Category of ornaments:

1.    Hair Accessories:

1) Hair clip: metal hair clip, ribbon hair clip, PU material hair clip, gauze hair clip, cotton hair clip.  Suitable for children over 3 years old, because the hair clip will be made of metal material, not suitable for infants.

2) Hair hoop:

Hair hoop: plastic hair hoop, cotton hair hoop.

3) Headband:

Headband: Elastic eraser, cotton or elastic mesh.    Suitable for infants.

2.    Accessories

1) Necklace, bracelet: plastic material,

2) Earrings, studs: metal material, plastic material

3) Ring

4) Nose ring, nose stud

For children jewelry if the kids under 12 years old, the CPSC has special regulations:

Test standards: ASTM F2923-14, CPSIA, cadmium content, etc

For adult ornaments, the requirements are more complex, requiring product safety and material safety.

Amazon compliance testing procedures for exports to the United States and on shelves:

1.    Provide samples

2.    Confirm test standards

3 Detection

4 Test report

5 Submit to Amazon for approval

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